Dog Bags for Poop – The Future Awaits Us

We need to come out of the cave and consider how we have been carrying our dog bags for poop. The future is now here. We must realize what we have been doing and change it now.

Just Think About What We Have Been Doing

Most importantly, we have been openly carrying our dog bags after they are full of poop. Perhaps, we casually walk down the street with the poop bags dangling from our fingertips. Or maybe we wish to walk hands-free so we tie the bags to our leash. This must change now. The future has arrived. donate your poop

First of all, this is quite a disgusting site. No matter what color our dog bags for poop may be, everyone realizes what that lumpy blob in the bag really is. We would not walk down the street swinging a bag full of human feces. Why have we been following this practice with our pets? Maybe because we didn’t know there was a better way. Now we do.

The other incorrect area with this practice is that the full bag for poop could easily break. Maybe it would swing against a wall or a tree or even another person. Leakages or wall-weakening would be real possibilities with this practice. Openly carrying a poop bag is not safe. There is a better way.

Dog Poop Bags Holder Is The Future

Consider the wide variety of inexpensive dog poop bags holders that are now available. Consider how this unique poop pouch would work for you. It would discreetly carry your poop bag, making a much more pleasant site. It would protect your dog poop bags from breakage by holding them securely in an inner pocket. It would carry more than one full poop bag if your pet decided to deposit more dog poop. A dog poop bags holder would make your life easier, more discreet and safer.

The second incorrect procedure that many of us have been practicing is how we carry our empty dog bags for poop. We often stuff these in our pocket as we head out the door. This also leads to the real likelihood of tears in the dog bags. Rather, we must consider the new way of carrying them.

Having a supply always readily available in our poop pouch is the practice of the future. The empty poop bags are thus securely and safely stored in an interior pocket, protected from friction or a puncture that would weaken the wall and allow for spillage of the dog feces. Always having our bags available is not only convenient but also safe.



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