Entrepreneur Traits for Timeless Success

Successful Entrepreneur Traits are often overlooked by many would be business owners. People often wonder why they are not successful, when other, seemingly “less intelligent” people have tons of success in both their personal and business lives.

Successful entrepreneurs often have things in common with one another, so it isn’t rocket science to determine which traits are common to the success of these gifted people.

Let’s Discuss 10 Entrepreneur Traits for Success


    1. Let’s look at the 3 P’s: Passion, Perseverance, and Persistence. Basically, you have to love what you are doing or won’t be successful at it. If you don’t love it, you’ll quit, so you need to keep working on your goals even when times are SUPER HARD and looking dismal. You need to be persistent. If you are persistent, you will inevitably PERSEVERE. Which is the goal.
    1. Great entrepreneurs have Empathy for fellow man. They understand the struggles of up and coming entrepreneurs, and they are usually willing to help others accomplish their goals through mentoring. I love this aspect of Network Marketing by the way…makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
    1. Another good entrepreneur trait is a sense of fairness. Often times, entrepreneurs believe in Karma in one form or another (what goes around comes around, etc), and just like they don’t want to be screwed over, they tend to avoid screwing over others.
    1. Integrity. Gotta have it, and good entrepreneurs do. This goes along with number 3, and is one of the most important, if not the most important entrepreneur trait in the list.
    1. Successful entrepreneurs are hard working. The good ones work SMART too, utilizing leverage to maximize their efforts. The more work they put into it, the more it multiplies exponentially with leverage.
    1. Willingness to Learn. Good entrepreneurs never stop learning. This entrepreneur trait is vital to your success. They also concede to others who know more about a subject than they do, and learn from it. Make mistakes and learn from those too!
    1. Entrepreneur Trait 7 is being a good Listener. You can’t learn anything if you are talking, bottom line. By listening, you help others to open up and this helps you to be a better coach.
    1. Vision. Wow…I can’t say enough about this. Visualizing your end goal is 100% Necessary to your success. No success without visualizing your goals and dreams. Write them down, and read them daily.
    1. Personal Development. An entrepreneur traits list would not be complete without personal development. Odds are, you weren’t born perfect. There are literally thousands of books out there on Personal Development, and I suggest you start reading. Download my free book, Daily Steps 2 Success, and see the recommended reading list I have in there. The book is on my website.

The Most Powerful of all Entrepreneur Traits

  1. Building a Network. This could be a network of people, salesmen, dealers/distributors, railroads, or just a network of good business contacts with these same traits. The most successful and wealthiest people in the world ALL have a network. Network marketing is based and founded on this principle which utilizes leverage to the MAX. Miki Agrawal


Well guys, there you have it. My top 10 list of Successful Entrepreneur Traits.

Jeff Sokol is an entrepreneur who has developed several dynamic brick and mortar corporations, while starting from his own home based business in 1999. Get Jeff’s new MLM Training [http://www.JeffSokolMLMTraining.com] book, Daily Steps 2 Success from his website, available as a direct download.


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